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Chapter 51


Having finished reading what I have so far finished writing, you are best qualified to know if I have made any errors in the story, including typos and plot mixups. If you could let me know of these errors, I would be appreciative, and will be putting up a section with the names of people who have aided me in my work. Send any messages to this effect to me at please include the chapter it was found in, the paragraph, (I count paragraphs started by dialogue as paragraphs) and the approximate section of the paragraph that it was found in. I greatly appreciate this.

Also many thanks to my sister Christine Hug-O'brien who proofread the first 39 chapters for me. Thanks Chris.

* I would like to mention that many of these last few chapters were typed up by a good friend of mine, Sam Pelletier, who did so when I injured my hand playing football, thanks to Sam for typing the infamous Euro chapters, some of the only handwritten chapters. Hooray Sam! If Anyone would like to visit his page, there are links to them in the arts section, under links. Also, should I get any requests to do so, I might consider scanning a copy of some of the Euro chapters so that you all can see what my scrawl looks like.

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