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Chapter 47

Kevesk, Mensk, Yerril, Leylau, and Derrl were gathered in the corner booth at the Pint. Each had a tankard of ale, excluding Leylau, who had spring brew. Derrl and Yerril had finished working on the hull of the Pribe the afternoon prior. She was now sitting in the port, awaiting the arrival of her newly commissioned sails and rigging. After having told Kevesk about what he had done to the Pride, he had suggested that Derrl do the same thing with the rigging, so that it would be able to withstand the same forces as the hull and mast. Derrl complained bitterly about the work involved of putting the runes on all the canvas and cord, however upon further discussion with Yerril aboard the ship, they had agreed to commission new rigging, custom made for the Pride, with the runes stitched and woven into the fabric, so that all that remained for Derrl to do was infuse the runes, which Kevesk had agreed to assist in doing. Leylau did her part to help, by using the influence of her father she had managed a much lower price for Yerril, as well as a very speedy completion and delivery. If the delivery arrived as scheduled, it would be in their hands by early morning, and the Pride would be ready for her maiden voyage my afternoon. Yerril also intended to have her renamed to the Pride, as she now deserved the name. The name was being repainted as they spoke.

Yerril, or rather Yen of Rillburgh, was the first to speak.

"Derrl, I'd like you to be with me on the Pride when she makes her maiden voyage. If it weren't for you, she would have never gotten off that sandbar."

"Yen, what you really mean," Derrl laughed, "is that you wouldn't mind having me along to deal with anything that comes up that you don't know how to handle. In which case you'd better bring along Kevesk, he knows a lot more about this than I do." He paused for a moment. "And as for me helping getting her off the beach, I'm not entirely certain that I didn't help you put her there in the first place. That's really part of why I offered to help you out in the first place. Because I felt it was my fault that she was there at all. Though I don't regret making that delivery for you." He smiled and squeezed Leylau's hand as she sat beside him. She leaned over and kissed his cheek.

"Why did you call him Yen? And why do you say that it's your fault that the Pride got stuck there?" She asked curiously.

"As for why I called him Yen, I'll let him explain that one to you. Once he's done that, I'll explain why I think I helped him put the Pride there."

Yerril, Yen, whichever, told his story as Leylau listened raptly. While they were occupied, Derrl began to figure out what had happened that day. His attention was diverted, and Leylau had to call his attention back to her first question.

"So why did you say that you helped wreck the Pride?" She inquired gently.

"Well, to put it simply, I was newly come into my wizardly inheritance. It was my first venture out of Kevesk's lodgings since the incident and I wanted somewhere quite and secluded to think for a bit. I wandered my way out to the beach on the other side of the arm of the bay over where the Pride was beached later. This odd pattern had been plaguing my thoughts for the past few days, so I cleared a section of sand and started tracing the rune in the white sand. Once I'd finished, this incredibly vicious storm kicked up. It was the same storm that beached the Pride. Shortly I head a tortured sound from the bay. I destroyed the pattern and the storm receded."

His forehead furrowed as he recalled the events of that day. Leylau reached over and gently smoothed the creases with a gentle finger.

"I knew there was something odd about the pattern when the waves started crashing over it. The waves pulled back, and every time, the pattern was perfectly untouched. I think that that storm was my fault. I feel bad about it Yerril." He frowned, he really did feel bad about it. Leylau squeezed his hand and told him she was sure it was all right and that Yen wasn't angry.

"Tell you what Derrl, you come with me on her maiden voyage. If she performs well, without any problems, we'll consider your debt to the Pride repaid. If not, you'll agree to do what's necessary for her to run in front of the wind, like she should. Does that sound fair enough to you?"

Derrl nodded his assent. They finished their drinks quietly. Upon having drained his mug Derrl spoke.

"I'll be here working for Mensk in the morning. If the rigging arrives, make sure she's afloat and set to go with the crew on board. Come get me and I'll round up Kevesk. Then we'll take her on a quick tour."

Throughout the entire discussion, both Mensk and Kevesk looked on, and listened to the younger fol. They couldn't help but smile at the plans they had.

Kevesk had already exited, because it would seem that he was going to be allowed to take part in an adventure that rivaled, even surpassed those of his youth. He thought that he would be able to judge the ships capabilities when he saw her out in calm water. If she did indeed perform as expected, he intended to push her farther, and really see what she could do. He knew of a few choice runes that would help him with those plans. One rune in particular would be able to summon up gale force winds in an instant. However, the other runes would be far more interesting.

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