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Chapter 44

Derrl awoke to find himself being comforted by Leylau. He lay there, with her hand stroking his head as if it lay in her lap. He attempted to feign sleep and enjoy her touch longer, but the smile that crept onto his face gave him away much earlier than he would have wished.

"How long have you been awake?" he opened his eyes to see a grin on her face as she reached down and lightly pinched his nose. "Have you been making a fool out of me for long?" He reached up and pulled her head closer to his. He stretched up and kissed her soundly. He grinned as he pulled away.

"No, not for very long." He stretched for another kiss, but she evaded it and pinched his nose again grinning as she did so. She suddenly changed her mind and kissed him soundly, and then pinched his nose again.

"Allright, just how long have you been making fun of me?"

"Oh, maybe a bell, … two" he lied. He managed to steal other kiss from her. As he lay there, immensely conformable with his head resting in her lap a sudden thought crossed his mind. "Do you know how long I have to stay in bed to recuperate? Or have you yet to decide and pronounce me fit for little more than bedrest? I really do want to get up. I never knew that a soft bed could make my rear protest like this."

She began to poke and prod him, check his reflexes, and then examine his pulse. She began to suddenly tickle him ruthlessly, at which point he began to chuckle in response, then protest, and finally defend himself with a vicious counter attack. As they laughed and tousled on the bed, he suddenly stopped tickling Leylau and embraced her tightly instead. As she responded to his embrace she lost her balance, falling off the bed backwards, dragging Derrl with her.

They hit the floor in an intertwined laughing lump. Shortly after having heard a loud thump through the ceiling, Mensk was up the stairs and through the door.

"Leylau, are you alright? What happened? I head something from downstairs." He had only gotten the door halfway open by the time he had finished saying this.

"No, don't worry Mensk, she's fine, I won't let her hurt herself too badly." He poked her in the stomach eliciting a giggle from the blonde.

"I should have known better than to leave you two alone. I should have learned that the first time you two fell off that bad together. Next time I'm going to keep a closer eye on you young couple when you're up here." He began to turn around, and then looked over his shoulder at the two, a massive grin upon his face. "…If only for the sake of my poor floor." He added with a wink.

Mensk then left, promising to return with food and drink, closing the door behind him, so that Derrl and Leylau could steal each other's kisses in privacy, and so that she could giggle as much as she wanted to without being overheard.

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