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Chapter 31

"Duck!" yelled Derrl as he let loose with a firelance at the planks. The lance of fire struck the planks and Derrl turned his head, flinching away from the expected explosion. It did not come. Puzzled, he threw another, yet more powerful firelance at the planks, straining to see past the blinding flash of light as it struck the dry wood. He did not flinch as it struck; he needed to see what happened. Once more it splashed and died out. He was trying not to get his hopes too far up. He spotted a large rock slightly farther away than the planks and unleashed a firelance as equally powerful as the previous. The blazing lance of flame hurtled toward the unsuspecting rock. The unoffending piece of waterfront was instantly obliterated.

"All right, we can start on the Pribe now. I think she gets a new look today," said Derrl, holding up a can of black paint to the side of the ship. "I think black suits her, don't you?" He cracked a grin, and his humour spread contagiously to Yerril, who was caught up in the excitement of what he had just witnessed. His face became serious for a brief moment.

"Ye be a wizard, bucko," he said with a certain amount of awe creeping into his voice. "Ye be a powerful mage bucko." The full import of what he had just witnessed had just dawned on him. The smile quickly disappeared from Derrl's face.

"No," he said with a perfectly straight face, "just an all around bucko." His face split into a grin as soon as he had spit out those words. "Let's get to work. She's not going to put her paint on herself." He picked up a piece of paper and began to sketch out his plans for the runes on the Pribe.

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