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Chapter 20

Kevesk sat down on his spindly chair and just sat there shaking and holding his head. This was amazing. The theory was sound. It had always been around. The various circles of mages that were part of the brotherhood had always agreed that it was not the nature of the physical rune that affected whether or not it would work. Drawing the rune was only a method of enabling the mind to draw the connections and call upon its powers. Every one had read the brotherhood's guide. It stated clearly that such was the case. However, that was one of the few things that it said clearly. And for all its clarity, no one had been able to achieve that level of mental clarity and use it as a conduit for their will. Derrl was looking at him, with a rather questioning look in his eyes and on his face. He had a question that he wanted to ask, and Kevesk could tell that it might not be in Derrl's best interest to tell him. But whether that was the case or not, chances are he would end up telling him anyway. Might as well get on with it.

"I need you to teach me about the runes, and how to use them. I need you to teach me all the runes possible. All the ones that you know exist, and even the ones you only think might exist." The endless questions flowed out of his mouth.

"Don't worry. Even though it may be against my better judgement, I will help you." He turned and headed for the corner of the warehouse where he kept his chest of personals. "I have something that will help you understand more about what we can do. Unfortunately, it will probably raise more questions than it answers." He rummaged around until he found what he was looking for. It was a dark-covered book, which seemed to be leather bound, although there was an odd quality to it. The front had the strengthening rune on it and the back had another. The two runes were linked by a tracework of lines that outlined the greater part of the area of the cover, seeming to concentrate on the areas that would normally have the most stress: the bindings for example. The cover read, "Guide to the use of runes." Kevesk handed him the guide and wished him luck with it. " Never did read the whole thing through. I think you'll get more use of it. It's yours. You'll get more use out of it now than I ever did before. I strongly advise you to spend a lot of time reading it and contemplating the meaning behind the words." Derrl took the book with a mumbled thank you and sat down on his pallet with the intention of reading it. He didn't get the chance. Before he got it open he was asleep.

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