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Chapter 15

As he floated there in the darkness, he felt calm, serene, as though nothing could touch him. He saw one single point of light appear in front of him, although how it could do that he wasn't sure, because he couldn't even be sure that he was there. He couldn't tell if he had a body at all. Although logic and common sense suggested that he still had a body, he didn't feel dead, and there was no other way that he should be without a body. The point of light started to move, or perhaps it was him. No, since the point of light now seemed to be leaving a trail of light behind it, he was going to assume that it was moving and he wasn't. So far, that logic seemed to be holding. At first, the point of light tried out the most familiar of patterns for him, the one that had caused the storm. He got a vague sensation of moisture thick in the air that wasn't there, followed by the almost subliminal sound of thunder rolling in from far away. The point stopped, and the trail cleared away, leaving only the single solitary point to shine by itself. The rumble, and the sensation of thick air was gone. The dot quivered a little and then resumed its trek. It then began to form the only other pattern it knew, that which adorned the side of his head. As it completed the path it wished to follow, he felt odd. He felt as if he were somehow beyond the reach of the rest of the world. The pattern vanished, as did the feeling that had come with it. The dot seemed to spread out, then contracted, swirled and started trying patterns, which seemed hauntingly familiar, but escaped him nonetheless. At last, he recognized the pattern that the point of light was completing now. It seemed to be a part of the initial pattern that had called forth the storm. It had somewhat jagged edges, and divided itself over and over in random sequences until it met up with itself. As this design finished, he could feel himself and the void around him seething with raw energy, volatile, pure energy. Almost as soon as it had completed it vanished, leaving only a point of light. A sudden image of another pattern appeared before him, seeming to radiate softness, and a soothing air exuded from it. His mind wiped the pattern from view and began to trace another pattern. It was the essentially the same pattern, and yet subtly different. He could feel a perceptible change in the quality of the void around him. He could sense some things more clearly now, there was someone sitting beside him.

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