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All of the links on this page are in some way related to one form of art or another, whether it be any form of literature, photograhy, music (either composed by the person or performed by them (a cover of another bands work), perhaps both, comic strips, paintings, and anything else that I deem to be art

Harddirt a collection of poetry by an e-poet, Claude Prater, have a look, its nice, and I don't even like poetry that much.
Chief Blackbear An action adventure fiction ebook, poetry, short stories, and a non-profit literary association to help writers promote their work online.
Ashlee's realm of thought A nifty little site that I found, run by baby polo 187, which contains some short stories, poems and other such wonderful things
The Diary A wonderful site run by the fine people at spiffy_456, a terribly wonderful collection of short stories, literature, poetry, melodic opinions and more. A perfect example of the kind of sites I would like to put more of on my links page.
Archer's Crown DaDa & Dualism Page a grat dite containing many proverbs by various philosophers as well as poetry. Run by a prof in New Orleans
Carson's Poetry Club A spot where people display poetry, share poetry and can discuss it, i rather like it
Amethyst's Homepage A collection of writers or poetry and literature of all sorts whose work can be accessed from this page
Willy Morgan Comics a hilarious comic strip by none other than Samuel Pelletier
Modern Mythica a gallery of modern mythical creatures alot of it is his own work, most actually, some are contributions. guess who it is? Sam Pelletier

This Dragonic site within Merlin's Magical Grove belongs to Peter Hug

A Webring that i just joined, all literary sites

Blackbear's Literary Webring Random Site

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If you have a site that you would like me to put on my links page, send me the url and i will take a look at it and make a decision, most often, however, if it is art of one kind or another I will put it up, although, some situations may be prohibitive due to regulations with the server that I am using. Send it to me at

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