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Descent Into Art

If it seems as if I can't make up my mind on what the title of this section should be and that it never seems to be quite the same in two different places, that's because I can't, and it isn't, mostly just because I have really crap short term memory. Hooray for hockey induced concussions! But then again... it was allready like that.

And yes there is a reason why I made this section open in it's own window. This is because the background did not match with the menu bar on the left for those of you who view the page with frames. Actually, I've just gone mad with power. But enough of that, down to business.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you, in all of his unrefined glory, Derrl, of the story. Enjoy and draw your own please, send them in, make a poor author happy. :)

So here it is, after many weeks of endless tiring procrastination, here it is, the very small fan art section of the page.

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